Every time you spend money,​
Automagically set aside a small
amount for your savings.

Voodlee makes this happen!


How It Works

You shop anywhere or pay any bill digitally
You make a digital payment, let's say Rs.200
Any amount as per % you decide is autosaved, say Rs. 2/- or 20/-  and it grows
It is that simple!

Why Voodlee?

Subsequent Years

It all begins when you start earning....



Life with


What You Will Get

Tiny Savings
Bank Level Security
Automatic Saving
No Efforts

We Have Got Your Safety Covered 


Investment Partner


Registered with AMFI


End To End Security

What People Say About Us


 I would like to congratulate you and your whole team for coming up with this unique idea of investing, in the form of “Voodlee”. The product is indeed both a fine idea, as well as the need of the present times.

The concept is really wonderful and it opens new doors to investing, even for the uninformed individuals.

Capt. Deepak Thapa

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Voodlee work?

Every time you spend money, Voodlee automatically sets aside a small amount as per the percentage(%) set by you. You may change this setting anytime. Voodlee invests your money thus saved wisely to make it grow.

How is my money safe using Voodlee?

Voodlee keeps your money safe in following ways.

  1. Your money will be held in an ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund which is created in your name against your identity.
  2. Your money remains in your savings folio that is only accessible by you.
  3. Your can withdraw your money anytime even if you don’t have the Voodlee app.

How does Voodlee make money?

Voodlee gets a very tiny percentage (0.05%) of the money saved by you. It is not deducted from the amount you save. Voodlee gets this from ICICI Mutual Fund with whom the saving folio is created. You do not pay anything to Voodlee.

Where will my money be held once it moves to my saving folio?

Your money will be held in an ICICI Prudential Liquid Fund which is created in your name against your identity. This money can not be accessed by anyone except you, not even by Voodlee.

Our Vision

To provide a solution that makes automatic saving a part of lifestyle and make those savings grow

Story of Ansh

Ansh, a remarkable professional with an MBA degree from one of the best institutions settled in Bangalore. He was doing great in his job and after three years of hard work, was about to get a promotion as a sales executive. Now was the best time for him to start investing his savings and protect his financial future.
Despite his best intentions, the lack of time, the effort required to conduct a research before investing, ease of digital spending, parties and entertainment leading to unplanned expenses - these all prevented him from reaching his financial objectives.
Then suddenly as if out of nowhere, came corona virus, the Covid-19 fall out, determined to destroy his financial planning and his career. To his bad fortune, Ansh was asked to resign.

Out of job, all his savings were quickly spent in a new job hunt, forcing Ansh to return to his native place, Delhi, with empty pockets.
​During all this rush, one day staring out of the window, Ansh wished if he had a “Genie” to take care of his money, he would have still be fine, at least financially!

We would’ve helped Ansh, only if we had developed “Voodlee” by then.
Voodlee, the genie Ansh desired, is coming soon to help people like him and make their future secure so that they wouldn’t have to worry about investing or losing their hard earned wealth.

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