Every time you spend money,​
Automagically set aside a small
amount for your savings.

Voodlee makes this happen!

What you will get

Tiny Investments
Bank Level Security
Automatic Investing

How it works

it is that simple!

You go for shopping
You make a payment of Rs.200
Rs. 20/- auto saved

Why Voodlee?

it all begins as you start earning....



Subsequent Years

Life with



Our Vision

Be the effective & practical wealth management solution for all

Our Mission

To help millennials save conveniently and grow those savings


Investment with flexibility

With India as the 5th largest economy by market exchange, everybody wants to grow equally with its fastest-growing economy so that our life can be summed up to one word that is Happiness. I name it as Voodlee. And, one way to achieve this goal in our life is to achieve a goal of opting for the best investment plan which does not require any regular deposits and is flexible in terms of liquidity which again the fantastic plan Voodlee is capable of. But, what if you decide to go for cost-cutting your household expenses and requirements, as the so-called plan you have, bounds you to pay regular and fixed deposits.

This is a story of Akshay and Riya a beautiful married couple who decided to move to Mumbai after they got an opportunity to work with an MNC. With known facts about their savings and expenses, they knew that purchasing a house would be a difficult task for them so, they rented a 2 BHK house. As a smart young couple, they divided their expenses, where Akshay took over the rents and Riya took over the responsibility of paying utility bills and household expenses. This was, in fact, the beginning of their story when gradually they found themselves in a hard position, where this couple drained all their savings in day to day needs. But, they being highly considerate about their future planning, thought of an alternate way where they could run their house and simultaneously put the rest of bits in their kitty. Akshay then discontinued his SIPS and Riya started RD in order to ensure a good percentage of fixed monthly savings.

Unfortunately, again COVID19 led to her salary cut and she also decided to discontinue RD because of the fluctuating size of leftovers which she failed to put to RD. The question of their inability to pay a fixed amount to SIP and RD made them think of having a mechanism like Voodlee, where they can park any uncertain amount with can be easily taken out without any penalty or loss, unlike SIP and RD. So for such circumstances, there is a contingent investment plan, we call it Voodlee.

Mates! Voodlee welcomes you all to make your dreams come true.

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