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The Golgappa Gusto

Golgappa, Pani Puri, Paani Batasha, Phoolki and Fuchka these are not just different names of a popular street food but emotions…

The hype for golgappas can be gauged from the picture below where a bride decided to celebrate her love for this delicacy by wearing jewellery made out of Golgappas.

We tried to understand the market sentiment concerning Gol Gappas. We sent our interns on a sponsored trip to their nearest Golgappa wale bhaiyya but all they could hear was "Bhaiyya thoda aur teekha daalo". 😉

This seemed to be the most commonly heard phrase at any gol gappa center. To dig out more insights on this cult, our team conducted a survey. The results revealed many interesting facts.

78% of Indians spend up to Rs 100 per month on their Golgappa cravings. This economic feasibility makes your Favourite Fuchkas the King of Street Food. And who has crowned it as the Emperor? The young millennials. As per the survey, 55% of the young millennials eat Pani Puris on a regular basis which was very interesting to note considering the popularity of fast food chains among the generation.

Also the digitalisation of payments is not alien to these vendors. After visiting numerous Golgappa centers we found that there were numerous stalls where they welcomed Digital Payments, which means you still can save teeny amounts with Voodlee while enjoying your favorite snacc. Isn’t it a great news?

So the next time you are confused about which paani to add to your Puris, Meetha or Teekha, be assured that your savings are sorted!🤞

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